Wake Up
Dystopia Motiondesign
Mr. Tekong
Mr. Tekong
Teddy Nuke Compositing
Flugzeug Nuke Compositing
Kleiner Roland grosses Kino
Der Kleine Koenig - Trailer
Der Kleine Koenig - Movie
Germlin George Modelling
Python Scripting
Shading&Texturing in Maya
Compositing & Painting in PS
A French Bromberry Hob
Wergnome Xia
Demon Concept 01
Demon Concept 02
Demon Concept 03
Eremit Concept
Transmission - Poster
Transmission - Character
Transmission - Elements
Transmission - Environment
Transmission - Environment
Medusa - Matte Painting
Medusa - Plants
Medusa - Animals
Medusa - Character
The little King -Landscape Design
The little King - Character Design
The little King - Character Design
Motiondesign - Interface 01
Motiondesign - Interface 02
Motiondesign - Interface 03